Superhero Captain America at the Edgewater Hotel & Waterpark

May 16, 2016

Steve Rogers is arriving at the Edgewater Hotel & Waterpark for a much needed vacation between super-secret missions.  He will be there to meet his fans and engage them into having a little fun with his super alter ego – CAPTAIN AMERICA!  Last year Batman and Spiderman joined Captain America for a fun filled weekend at the Edgewater.  Our guests and Captain America had so much fun that he found time in his superhero’s busy schedule to visit Duluth and his superhero fans at the Edgewater.

Captain America Weekend at the Edge in Duluth MN

With his trademark red, white and blue disguise, Captain America will be at the Edgewater June 3 & 4, 2016.  After a long fought battle to defend his rights as a defender of the innocent, he decided to enjoy some downtime at the Edgewater Hotel and Waterpark! You and your little hero or heroine can join him as he checks out the area and ensures everyone is having a great time.

Superhero Weekend - Captain America returning


Captain America enjoyed The Edge’s activities so much that he specifically requested that we bring some of them back for his enjoyment, and yours!  His first request was that we bring back our Airbrush Designs!

He just loved our signature Captain America Star and can’t wait to see more people sporting it in the most fun places!

Airbrush Tattoos


He especially liked the cape and mask idea, he wanted all the kids to have a blast and look as cool as he does!  And we have to say, there was some definite winners in this group of artists so we just had to bring it back this time!

All guests of the hotel are invited to enjoy creating their own superhero mask on Friday night and a matching superhero cape on Saturday night. There will also be airbrush tattoos, color contests and more! Don’t miss out on this superhero weekend with Captain America – reserve early before we are sold out!

Our Superhero Weekend with Captain America might be a great time to capture a memory and share with us on our Facebook Photo Contest.  Enter to win our top prize –  a FREE weekend at the Edgewater Hotel & Waterpark!

Who is your favorite superhero?  Wonder Woman? The Hulk? Superman? Let us know who your favorite superhero is and we will try to get them to come for a weekend.  We know our superhero friends will be back so keep watching for more Superhero Weekends!