Edgewater Waterpark | Conquering Cryptosporidium | Duluth, MN

April 30, 2012

The Edgewater Resort and Waterpark takes guest comfort, health and safety seriously. After news of cryptosporidium outbreaks throughout many Minnesota areas, the Edgewater felt it was necessary to invest in a new water purifying system. One that is equal to that of the public drinking-water systems.

Cryptosporidium or “crypto” is a chlorine-resistant parasite that induces flu-like symptoms. While standard pool chlorination cannot address cryptosporidium, UV light renders it harmless. This means that the Edgewater Resort & Waterpark has fully destroyed any chances of cryptosporidium in our pools.

Although not required by state or local health agencies, the Edgewater announced the $100,000 investment with hopes that guests will continue enjoying and making memories at the Northern Minnesota waterpark.

Today we are announcing a major investment at the Edgewater,” said Jon Driscoll, vice president of operations for ZMC Hotels. “This $100,000 investment in additional swimmer safety is our commitment to ensuring all our guests continue to create memories with their families—safely. This is the best technology available. No one should have to wonder if it’s safe to swim at the Edgewater.”